Dentist Information

Systematic periodontal therapy with stable results, whereby restorative reconstruction should already be completed.
The patient should regularly undergo dental prophylaxis treatments.

Miller classifications 3 and 4, if visible bothersome gingival recession with exposed root surfaces are present; if enlarged spaces between teeth exist; to correct esthetic irregularities; for problems with phonetics and/or saliva issues (wet speech); postoperative bone defects; bone loss after cancer treatment; or to temporarily cover insufficient crowns and bridges


  • Manual procedure, refer to Intraoral Impression by a Dentist below
  • Digital procedure, send a zip SDL file to (

  • Insertion and removal of the mask extensions using Soft Picks (recommendation)

Intraoral Impression by a Dentist

  • Try-in using a custom perforated tray

  • For the impression: using pliable palatal silicone with the same length as the desired prosthesis, create a mould intraorally. The strip of silicone should reach almost to the incisal edge. Advantage: good repositioning!

  • After curing, remove from the mouth and shorten any longer interdental extensions down to one fourth of the tooth circumference. Cut two notches above the silicone strip. Replace the strip into the mouth.
    Coating the interdental tooth surfaces and the notches with a water insoluble agent, such as vaseline, is highly recommended. This makes it easier to remove and replace the mould.

  • Mould with elastic precision impression material (preferably polyether)
  • Coat tray with the appropriate adhesive and let dry slightly
  • Mix impression material according to directions
  • Fill impression syringe and tray with material, avoiding any air pockets and finally use the tray to complete the impression

  • Apply light pressure to the tray and pull the lips over it.
    Avoid leaving pressure marks since this will cause the prosthesis to repulse or pull away where the indentation was made!

  • Remove the impression
  • Remove the silicone strip
    Please take care that the elastic material doesn’t come off the tray. Faulty impressions will have to be done over!