What is a gingival mask?

A gingival mask is a gum prosthesis made from flexible biocompatible silicone to replace severely receding gumlines.

This mask (also called a gingival veneer, gingival mask prosthesis, or artificial gums) is used for severe gum recession. Soft synthetic materials matching the colour of the gums provide a removable shield, which is secured by tiny extensions fitting into the spaces between the teeth.

In advanced paradontosis esthetic problems occur due to bone deformity and soft tissue loss. Black triangles appear between the teeth and the roots can become partially exposed giving the impression of being ‘long in the tooth’. In addition phonetic problems can occur because air ‘whistles’ through the teeth while speaking. Pieces of food stuck between the teeth can cause embarrassment and bad breath.

A gingival mask can offer a temporary solution while waiting for dentures to be produced, or a permanent solution for those wanting to avoid the expense of new dentures.

Artificial gums are THE solution for cosmetic problems and unbeatable in simplicity and quickness.

Recommendations for wearing and cleansing

How to wear

  • Wet the gingival mask and insert it using the extensions starting with the two front teeth
  • Soft Picks or similar products can be used to insert and remove the extensions

    This product is an optional recommendation and can be purchased with the gingival mask. Warning: Tears can occur through stretching. Do not pull the mask out!

How to clean

  • Remove the veneer every night and store them in colour-free mouthwash.
  • Cleanse under running water after every meal.
  • In addition clean the mask once a day with a soft toothbrush and liquid soap.
  • WARNING: Do not insert the veneers directly after using fluoride toothpaste, as this may cause yellow stains!
  • Discolouration can also occur by smoking or using denture cleansing tablets.
  • Always rinse the mouth out well with water after drinking highly coloured juices, drinks, or cocktails.