Gingival Mask

A gingival prosthesis, also called a gingival mask, is often the last hope for correcting esthetic problems after severe periodontitis leaving defects even after healing. The prosthesis is a thin flexible mask matching the colour of the gums and manufactured from silicone after an impression is produced by a dental technician.

The removable gingival mask is a solution for large soft tissue defects and acts as a replacement for the gums. This reconstruction for the gums lies closely and precisely along the teeth, providing patients with a very comfortable prosthesis, which can be removed and replaced for cleaning.

A gingival mask is used when tooth cervicals become exposed. It adheres using small nibs that fit in the spaces between the teeth. Naturally it matches the colour of the gumline and can be removed and replaced.

Patients with advanced gum disease have many esthetic problems with teeth and gums such as exposed roots and large spaces between the teeth. After periodontal therapy and/or treatment the healing of inflamed soft tissue often causes the gums to recede even more. The open spaces between the teeth can cause problems with pronunciation and phonetics. Often a gingival mask is also the last solution for esthetic problems after periodontitis has healed and tooth implants are not under consideration..

Artificial gums made from flexible, soft silicone materials are indicated for receding gums and/or soft tissue loss (gingival recession) following illness.